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Visiting Student Applicants

In special circumstances, a student enrolled in a J.D. program at another approved law school may apply for admission on a full-time, non-degree basis. Visiting students may attend Green Hills Law School for a semester or a maximum of one year, earning credit toward a degree at their own institutions. An applicant must have completed his or her first year of law school before enrolling at Green Hills Law school.

Students applying as visiting students should complete the J.D. application in the paper format and send it in an envelope marked “Visiting Student” with a $100 application fee.

A complete application for a visiting student contains, in addition to the application, a cover letter explaining the applicant’s special circumstances, a law school transcriptt, two letters of recommendation from law school professors, dean's certifications from all degree programs in which the applicant has been enrolled, and a letter from the applicant’s degree-granting law school giving permission for the applicant to earn credit for course work at Green Hills. The Admissions Committee considers past academic performance as well as special circumstances when reviewing applications. Decisions are made on visiting student applications on a rolling basis.



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