Undergraduate Programs


Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate programs in Business Administration at Green Hills University develop and strengthen the skill sets, awareness, personal and professional attributes and the experiences necessary to ensure the long-term success of our students. At Green Hills University, we foster a student-centered environment in which small classrooms, reciprocal interaction with faculty members and professional and leadership development opportunities are the norm and not the exception. We provide our students with a broad-based and integrated foundation in business and management that is ultimately shaped by a rigorous concentration area based on your personal and professional interests.

Our faculty and staff members are committed to your success and provide you with all the resources of a large university business school but in an environment with a focus on you. We also recognize that much of your growth and development at the School of Business will occur outside of the classroom. We encourage our students to pursue and leverage the experiential learning activities through co-ops, internships and project work that place our students before real businesses and potential employers. Our students also have the opportunity to engage in a stimulating international experience. These are often transformative components of an undergraduate management education. Finally, we know that in order to be competitive in the job market, your communication skills must also be developed while you’re here. This is part of our commitment to you.

We have a dedicated team of individuals who are exceptionally qualified to meet your advising and your professional development needs as you matriculate through the School of Business. We strongly encourage you to take full advantage of these and similar opportunities soon after arriving enrolling in the School.

The School of Business at Green Hills University offers the following degree programs which are listed below with their concentrations:

Bachelor of Science (BSc) with the following concentrations: 

Business Management
International Business Studies
International Business Management 
Management                                                                                                                   International Management
Human Resources Management
Marketing Management
International Marketing Management
Sales Management
Store Management & Stock Control
Purchasing & Supply Management
Project Management
Leadership & Development        
Organizational Leadership
Public Relations
Strategic Management
Operations Management 
Management Information Systems  
Retail Merchandising and Management

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