( 2014 / 2015 Programs )


The Study & Travel program is one of the important and beneficial programs for students from developing countries.

The Study & Travel programs takes different forms like :

1)      Enrolling in the Cruise Campus and enjoy the luxurious accommodation and  onboard services free of charge. This relates to travelling, living and studying on board the cruise ship. The students will also be accommodated outside the cruise ship during the continuous study in any country.

2)      Enrolling with Green Hills Land Campus but changing the countries from time to time.


TRAVELLING EXPENSES  ( By cruise ship only)

Notes on Fees: 

1)      Please contact us on info@greenhillsedu.eu for details of travelling expenses.

2)      The university will arrange for a cruise ship to come and pick up the students from the country of the students if the ship can be docked or in a nearest country.

      Very Important

1)      The cruise vessels can only come to pick up the students if they have a group of at least 3,000 students. If the figure 3,000 is not achieved, the students will be obliged to wait till they are complete. OR THEY HAVE TO BOOK THROUGH THE AIRLINE COMPANY AFFILIATED WITH GREEN HILLS UNIVERSITY.

2)      The cruise vessels cannot accept to carry less than 3,000 students. So the number must be achieved.

3)      Students who cannot accept to wait they can travel by plane to reach the campus but they have to follow different procedures.


Please email your detailed CV as well as copies of your certificates, Diplomas and passport  to us for a FREE EVALUATION. Email: info@greenhillsedu.eu

The evaluation process is done within 5 to 7 working days. If you are accepted, the registrar is going to inform you directly or through our agent in your country.

Once your application is evaluated and approved , you will be required to proceed to book your seat with the cruise ship.


1)      Bachelor´s ( 4 Years Full Time)

2)      Master´s ( 2 Years Full Time )

3)      Doctorate – PhD ( 4 Years Full Time )


Bachelor´s Degree : 

1)      Baccalaureate

2)      A level

3)      Higher School Certificate


1)      Bachelor´s Degree or

2)      Equivalent

Doctorate – PhD

1)      Master´s Degree

2)      Equivalent


We teach in three different main languages which are English, French and Spanish.

                                   EDUCATION ACCESS SUBSCRIPTION

In order to benefit the STUDY & TRAVEL programs, everyone has to subscribe with the Council of Universities as this council sponsors the program. The subscription fee is $48 and this will give you access to all the benefits of Study & Travel. Email us for details.


The Green Hills University will provide accommodation to all international students at very low costs. All the students need to pay for their room amenities and accessories.

The accommodation will be shared accommodation with international students. Male and Female students are separated.


The students will be required to pay for their food which are available at affordable prices.


In this plan,  Green Hills University does not accept to send the cruise vessel if the students are not having the group of at least 3,000 students. This is to be strictly observed if they want to travel freely till the  campus.


The students will study in the following  campuses

1)      Six months in West Indies ( Any country depending on the campus decision)

2)      Six months in Latin America ( Any country depending on the campus decision)

3)      Six months in Canada ( Any  state depending on the campus decision)

4)      Six months in Europe ( Any country depending on the campus decision)

5)      Six months in Eastern Europe ( Any country depending on the campus decision)

6)      Six months in Caribbean ( Any country depending on the campus decision)

The transfer of students from campus to campus occurs because Green Hills University always want their students to know different cultures and to participate in the exchange programs. The cruise vessels will be transferring the students free of charge from one campus to another.


The Green Hills University put more emphasis on RESEARCH ACTIVITIES and for this reason , we required our students to change campus and country every 6 months.


1)      The Green Hills University will take care of procuring visas for the students from abroad and there is no need to contact any embassies or consulates in your country unless Green Hills University requires. The attorneys of the university are hired to process all visa requirements.

2)      Green Hills University is NOT responsible for your visa fees and attorney fees to process your visa. You will be responsible for that. The visa fees and attorney fees depend on the country and we are unable to confirm the cost at this moment.


The students must request for the part-time  jobs in advance or during the application for enrollment. Please note that the university has no obligation to provide any part-time jobs to any students but as a matter of support programs, the university may help the students to procure a part-time job or to recommend them to any of our collaborators who are in our list of employers.

We cannot provide precise details on Part-Time jobs because it all depends on the country, the employer, the type and category for job and the season of employment


Our students will benefit equally paid internship in different countries and also within the different activities of the university as well as it collaborators.


Contact us for the fees details but students may apply for financial aid.


Green Hills University has campuses as well as affiliated campuses and consortium colleges in different countries. In case there is none of the campuses in any country, then Green University will make provision for Temporary Tent Campuses on the land.

Please note that the cruise ship is already equipped with classrooms and all facilities on board the cruise vessel.


In the Study & Travel program , married students are allowed to take their spouses with them. If they have children , then they must contact us for approval to bring children. Students will be responsible for their children and spouse.


Green Hills university offers excellent opportunities to teaching staff or professors who wish  to join this program and enjoy the free travel and work at the same time.

They will be recruited as professors to teach different programs and levels on board the cruise ship as well as in the land campus during the transit periods.

Interested candidates for the posts of Associate Professors and Lecturers may send their application with a detailed CV and copies of all their diplomas to our Human Resources Department on email:  employment@greenhillsedu.eu


Married professors may also bring their spouses if they wish. Please contact the registrar in advance if they wish to bring their spouses.



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