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The news headlines remind us that this is a critical time in our history.The quality and quantity of natural resources, oceans , forests, freshwater and air are stressed by the increasing demands of human activity.

Green Hills is also fully engaged in the spas research and other treatment research for the purpose of tourism development. Tourism had been originated from the ancient times when people were going to the seaside , lakes and other volcanic sources for the treatment of various diseases and later such continuous visits became popular.Hotel owners and promoters started building hotels rooms on the seaside , hill-sides ,forest and other similar resorts to cater for different people coming from different countries and cultures.

The challenges that we face here at Green Hills are formidable, but the good news is that Green Hills professors and students are trackling this current century challenges head-on.

As a world-class research university, Green Hills is committed to performing research that matters. We pursue knowledge for the benefit of society and the world. At Green Hills , research provides the training ground for tomorrow's leaders. We welcome you to this web site, and encourage you to explore its pages and to learn more about the difference-making research being performed at Green Hills University.

Undergraduate Research

Sure, all universities incorporate research into their graduate programs but few place as great an emphasis on undergraduate research as does Green  Hills University? Well, as a university community, we have an obligation to expand the body of knowledge and we think our undergraduate students, with a little guidance from our faculty member, are capable of contributing to our understanding of the world around us.

What do undergraduates study? Their research runs the gamut from animal habitats to historical studies on stage coach robberies in frontier West Texas to french fries. Yes, french fries, because there's more to this staple of the teenage diet than just the quick takeout order at your favorite fast food franchise. Miles senior Ashley Brandon in ASU's Chemistry and Biochemistry Department decided to explore the acrylamide content in french fries.
Perhaps you thought your fries just came with a large dose of carbs and some ketchup on the side. In reality, french fries come with acrylamide, a compound that is produced naturally when starchy foods are exposed to high heat during cooking.

Only discovered in 2002 by Swedish scientists, acrylamide could possibly contribute to certain cancers, especially when consumed in large amounts. Since as many as 30 percent of the calories consumed in the U.S. contain acrylamide, Brandon's study was no esoteric exercise in research minutiae

In the end, Brandon determined that samples from straight cut french fries contain more acrylamide than crinkle or waffle-cut fries. This suggests that as the surface area of a french fry is increased, the amount of acrylamide that is found in the french fry may actually decrease.

Graduate Research

Research is an integral part of the graduate school experience, particularly for those who want to teach or go on to earn a doctorate. With our modern campus, our sophisticated information technology support and our resources ,the Management, Instruction and Research Center  offer extensive resources for master's degree work and exploration.
The direction you can take in our graduate studies is limited only by your interests and your imagination. Visit the graduate research page for more information.


As educators, our goal is to give you the best possible classroom experience. However, we realize that there is also much that can be learned outside the classroom through “real world” experience that allows you to put your book knowledge to practical use. That is why we offer multiple internship opportunities through our various academic departments. Internships provide practical experience in professional settings. They also enhance your resume when it is time to start your job search. Our internships are available at the local, state, national and even international levels.

To learn more about available internships, contact your academic department. Visit the following link for more examples of undergraduate internship experiences