Green Hills New Student Scholarship

Green Hills is pleased to announce the availability of the Green Hills New Student Scholarship in all programs, based on financial need.

New students are those enrolling at the university for the first time or who have previously completed one degree program at Green Hills but are enrolling for a new degree program for the first time (i.e. completed the Bachelor’s program and are a new student in the MBA program).

Typical awards could be up to 75% of the total tuition for the portion of the academic year following their entry into the university. For example, a student entering in summer could be awarded a scholarship of up to 25% of their tuition for the full academic year whereas a student entering in winter could receive an award equaling up to 75% of their tuition the remaining half of the academic year.

It is easy to apply for this scholarship.  To be eligible to receive the Green Hills New Student Scholarship, the student must  complete an Green Hills  New Student Scholarship Application

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