Mission Statement & Vision


Green Hills University's mission is to provide leadership and outstanding programs in engineering, the sciences and related areas that benefit the people of Green Hills and the nation.The university also provides strong programs in the arts and sciences, business , education , agriculture and human ecology, nursing and medical studies , music , art and interdisciplinary studies. Green Hills serves domestic and international students.

The university is committed to the life-long success of students in its undergraduate, master's, specialist, and doctoral degree granting programs through high-quality instruction and learning experiences. The University is engaged in scholarly activity, especially basic and applied research, creative endeavors, and public service, with special emphasis on community and economic development. The University supports student participation in a broad array of extracurricular activities as an integral component of its commitment to student life and success.

The University is as supportive of women as of men and as supportive of those in the minority as of those in the majority. The University provides educational opportunities to all eligible persons without regard to age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation. The institution is committed to an inclusive and diverse campus that enriches the educational experience, promotes personal growth and a healthy society, prepares students for success in a global economy, and enhances our country’s economic competitiveness.

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