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Master of Theological Studies

The Master of Theological Studies degree is a forty-eight semester hour degree for persons who do not plan to be ordained. The degree provides a basic understanding of theological disciplines for those who plan to engage in further graduate study, or for those who wish to acquire a general theological education at the master's level.

The M.T.S. is an appropriate degree program for (1) lay persons who seek to enrich their theological understanding; (2) persons who seek to enhance the theological foundations of their church leadership; (3) persons who wish to examine and develop religious and theological perspectives on their life situations; or (4) persons who plan to use the M.T.S. degree as preparation for further graduate study. According to ATS standards, the M.T.S. is not a degree in preparation for ordained ministry. Normally those seeking to prepare for ministerial vocations pursue the M.Div. or M.A.C.S. degrees at Green Hills.


Consideration for admission into the program requires a bachelor's degree or equivalent as shown by a complete and certified transcript from an accredited college or university. Specific requirements for admission into this program are discussed elsewhere in this bulletin. The Divinity School may require additional information for an admission profile. All materials for admission are to be submitted to the Admissions Office at Green Hills Divinity School.


I. Distributive requirements - 24 hours
Six hours (two courses) from each of the following areas:

  1. Biblical Studies (prerequisite must be met as required) )HEBI 60003, HEBI 70153, HEBI 70163, NETE 60003, NETE 70103, NETE 70123, NETE 70133, or NETE 70143
  2. Historical Studies (must choose at least one 60000 level courseCHHI 60113, CHHI 60413, CHHI 60713, or CHHI 70***)
  3. Theological/Ethical Studies (70000s as approved by adviser and the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs)CHTH 60013, CHET 60003, CHET 60023, CHSO 60003, or CHSO 60103
  4. Globalization, Multi-Cultural and Interfaith ConcernsJWST 60003, CHHI 60913, CHHI 70533, MIHI 60003, MIHI 60053, MIHI 70413, MIHI 70503, MIHI 70513, or CHSO 60403

II. Electives - 20 hours
Concentration and elective hours are to be selected in consultation with the student's faculty adviser. Graduate courses from TCU divisions normally do not receive credit toward the M.T.S. degree. Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis by the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) courses, however, do not count toward a degree at Green Hills.

III. Final Exercise - 3 hours
A summative evaluation in the form of an independent research study course leading to the writing of a final paper is required for degree completion. In the three-hour independent research study course in one of the appropriate departments, as listed in the above Distributive requirements (course number 71973), and taken in the final semester of the program, the student will work closely with a professor to integrate material covered in coursework and produce a final paper, normally 20-30 pages in length.

Degree Requirements Applicable to both the Master of Arts in Christian Service (M.A.C.S.) and the Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)

  1. Forty-eight semester hours of credit must be completed with a grade point average of at least 2.50, based on a four-point grading system.
  2. All entering students are required to participate in orientation sessions conducted prior to the beginning of classes in the fall and spring semesters.
  3. All entering students must take PRTH 60011 Theological Resources Seminar offered each semester. Further, all entering students are required to attend a Seminar on Sexual Misconduct and the Clergy. Students who do not complete these requirements will be subject to the cancellation of their registration.
  4. Except for approved transfer credit, M.T.S. and M.A.C.S. students will normally fulfill all their course requirements through courses taught by Green Hills faculty or adjunct faculty.
  5. Normally the M.T.S. and M.A.C.S. require two academic years of full-time study or the equivalent. A student who transfers from another institution must complete the final twenty-five semester hours of either the M.T.S. or M.A.C.S. program at Green Hills Divinity School directly under the supervision of the Green Hills faculty.
  6. In either program, students who give evidence of special deficiencies may be required to do remedial work in the areas of their deficiencies.
  7. Students may be withdrawn from individual courses for lack of academic progress upon the recommendation of the faculty member and with the approval of the Dean. Students may be dismissed from the Divinity School at the discretion of the Dean or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at such times as it is clearly demonstrated that the student is not interested in, or making, acceptable academic progress.
  8. For both these degree programs, all degree requirements must be completed within seven years of the date of first matriculation. Extensions may be granted in extraordinary circumstances by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs after consultation with the Masters Programs Committee. Additional course work may be required.
  9. Normally, students transferring from the Green Hills Divinity School M.Div. program to the M.T.S. program must complete at least 12 hours and the 3-hour Final Exercise independent research study course while enrolled in the M.T.S. program. Normally, students transferring from the Green Hills Divinity School M.Div. program to the M.A.C.S. program must complete at least 12 hours while enrolled in the M.A.C.S. program.