Green Hills


LL.M. Requirements

Graduate students are admitted for one academic year in residence, leading to the degree of Master of Laws. To qualify for the LL.M. degree, students must:
  • successfully complete at least 18 units of the 24 units required of regular course and seminar offerings (in the Law School or other schools in the University);
  • carry a total of no fewer than 12 units of credit per term;
  • up to 6 units per year (or 8 units if a candidate takes a first-term ungraded course) may be taken credit/fail only with the consent of the instructor;
  • spend at least two terms in residence.

LL.M. candidates can complete up to 6 units of the 24 units required of independent research and writing for credit under the supervision of a Law School faculty member. (With approval, up to 6 units of credit toward the LL.M. degree can be earned in courses in other schools in the University.) They can also participate in student-run programs such as reading groups and law journals.



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