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Doctor of Ministry

Purpose of the Degree

The Doctor of Ministry degree is an advanced professional program (30 or 36 hours) intended to enhance the practice of ministry for persons who hold the M.Div. degree or its equivalent, who have worked in a ministerial context for at least three years after earning the M.Div. degree, and who continue in the tasks and responsibilities of ministry during the course of their doctoral study.

Areas of Study

Area I - Practical Theology, Worship and Spirituality, Homiletics, Religious Education, Mission and History of Religions, Church in Society, and/or Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Counseling
Area II - Bible, Christian Theology, Christian Ethics, History of Christianity, and/or Jewish Studies
Area III - Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Counseling (normally pursued in residence)

Structure of the Program

The Doctor of Ministry degree requires the completion of three components: (1) a common core course, (2) courses in two areas of specialization (one primary, one secondary), and (3) a doctoral project. At least one course (in either the primary or secondary area of study) must be taken as a directed study, with up to four directed study courses permitted.

  1. Common Core Course
    The first component of the program requires the completion of a seminar course, DOMI 80013 Theological Reflection for Ministry and Its Tasks (3 hours). This seminar prepares D.Min. students for advanced studies in ministry and the theological disciplines.
  2. Courses in Areas of Specialization
    Primary specialization in Area I requires completion of 15 hours (usually 5 courses) in that area, plus 9 hours (usually 3 courses) in Area II.
    Primary specialization in Area II requires completion of 15 hours (usually 5 courses) in that area, plus 9 hours (usually 3 courses) in Area I.
    Primary specialization in Area III requires completion of 24 hours (usually 8 courses) in PTPC, plus 6 hours (usually 2 courses) in Area I or II.
  3. Doctoral Project
    After completing at least 18 hours, but no more than 24, the D.Min. candidate, in consultation with an adviser, proposes a project that draws together the areas of specialization and the practice of ministry (that may grow out of a directed study). Following approval of the proposal by the Advanced Programs Committee, the D.Min. candidate shall complete the doctoral project within two academic years. During the semester in which the student anticipates the oral examination of the completed project, the student enrolls in DOMI 80913. 


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