Department Vision, Mission and Philosophy 

Vision Statement

The Green Hills University Department of Athletics, Wellness, and Recreation will be a nationally recognized leader offering comprehensive programs of fitness, intramural and intercollegiate competition; effectively meeting the needs, interests, and abilities of the campus community.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality programs of physical activity to the campus community that:

  • Reflect the University Mission for intellectual excellence
  • Create an environment that will enable students to compete athletically on a national level while achieving academic success
  • Afford access to excellent facilities and equipment
  • Enhance students minds and bodies
  • Develop character through leadership and team work
  • Promote and develop lifelong well-being
  • Include a progressive instructional physical education program
  • Offer extensive intramural sports
  • Provide a wide variety of recreational opportunities


Green Hills University supports intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of the educational experience for student-athletes. The goal of the program is to provide an educational environment which fosters teamwork, collaboration, discipline, respect, personal responsibility, and sportsmanship. The department is committed to the full integration of athletics into the essence of higher education and to the values of cultural diversity and gender equity. The priority for the department as a whole is to help student-athletes reach their academic, athletic, and personal potential through their overall experience at Green Hills..

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