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Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Bachelor's degree programs in public health prepare students for careers that involve promoting health and well-being for large communities. This degree program generally takes four years to complete and includes both public health and general education coursework. Most such programs lead to a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Although the courses involved with an online bachelor's degree are completed from home, students engage in interaction with fellow students and professors through chat rooms and message forums. This allows them to maintain contact throughout the program.


Undergraduate public health programs introduce students to a range of topics, including health services systems and ethics in health care administration. In addition to taking these core courses, students must also enroll in general education courses, such as English composition and introductory psychology.

Online course is also available and the coursework is accessed from a personal computer, and many such programs will allow students to work at their own pace. Because classes are completed asynchronously, students may complete coursework at any time of day or night. Each candidate must have a computer with Internet access. Some other courses that may be associated with a bachelor's degree program in public health include the following:

  • Computers in Health Administration
  • Health Organization Leadership
  • Strategic Planning and Marketing
  • Health Care Financial Management

Careers and Opportunities

A bachelor's degree program in public health equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a variety of career paths. Since there is a great need for well-qualified public health employees, this degree may provide entry into a number of jobs. Graduates may also choose to pursue advanced public health degrees, such as the Master of Science in Public Health. Common careers pursued by graduates of bachelor's degree programs in public health include the following:

  • Public health epidemiology
  • Occupational epidemiology
  • Public health advising
  • Public health nursing

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