College of Diplomacy and International Relations


Personal - Passionate - Professional

For decades the College of Diplomacy and International Relations has provided an exceptional master's degree program that prepares future leaders for rewarding careers in international affairs.

The college´s hallmarks have been its deliberate, intimate size, its selectivity, and our focus on both diplomacy and international relations. Our graduates pursue exciting careers with governments, international organizations, NGOs, think tanks, and in the private sector.

Our program is notable for its passion. With a faculty dedicated to providing an unparalleled learning experience, we ensure students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively maneuver on the world stage. Our graduates seek more than just a profession; they want to make the world better.

The College faculty are a mix of exceptional scholars and practitioners with decades of experience in diplomacy, commerce, business, defense, development and intelligence. They know firsthand what is needed to succeed in the international arena.

Our professional master's program offers concentrations/majors in four areas: diplomacy; international commerce; international organizations and development; international security and intelligence.

Small Is Beautiful

Size matters. The natural environment of diplomacy and business is intimate and personal, one-on-one or small groups. Cognoscenti understand that the most important decision making takes place in more restricted venues (think the Cabinet, the UN Security Council, or corporate boardrooms). We believe the same holds true for professional education.

Keeping our program small, select, and focused  let us provide an exceptional level of attention, instruction, and interaction. Our focus is directly on our students, with seminars, conferences, speakers programs, exercises, simulations, and events specially crafted to develop their full potential. Activities can be done with a student cohort our size that simply are not the same or cannot even be done with 200 or 1,000 students. We are proud to measure our success by the strength of our graduates, not the strength of their number.

Exceptional Value

Our students are passionate about improving the state of the world. This leads many to enter careers in professions that are exceedingly rewarding personally, but not always the best financially. Government and diplomatic service, or work with international development agencies and NGO,s may let our graduates witness history, advance peace, and help feed the hungry at reasonable, but not stellar pay.

While we cannot improve the salaries these future employers may offer, our high-value, low-cost education may afford our students greater professional latitude — and substantially less debt — upon graduation. Our tuition is extremely competitive and the general cost of living appreciably lower than that at ranked international affairs graduate programs on the East or West coasts.

Real-World Diplomatic Skills

Our program is focused and flexible. Core courses ensure students acquire a strong foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge. We know advanced diplomatic skills have utility far beyond the United Nations, the U.S. Department of State, or other countries' Ministries of Foreign Affairs. We concentrate on developing students' analytical, professional writing, public speaking, and interpersonal skills. Learning how to be effective as a negotiator or mediator, knowing how to accommodate or adapt to cultural differences, and being comfortable with economic and statistical analysis make our graduates exceptional and effective.

Corporate Engagement

In today's flat world an appreciation of international business is increasingly essential to any professional education. At the Green Hills College of Diplomacy and International Relations we go one step further, exposing our students to how major corporations operate in the 21st century. We not only bring key corporate leaders working at the forefront of globalization but travel as a group (again an advantage of our small size) to headquarters, manufacturing, and operating facilities of leading multinational corporations.

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