College of Diplomacy and International Relations

Available Courses

The College of Diplomacy and International commerce students are encouraged to craft very personalized programs of study to best match their individual needs and desires. Accordingly, our program has very limited course requirements. All students must take our foundation course DIP 777 and be proficient in statistics. The latter requires either taking Statistics 570 or providing proof of having successfully completed a similar class previously. Students that were not exposed to both macro and microeconomics as part of their undergraduate education, or who desire supplementary economic work, may take an intensive two-week class (no cost and not for credit) comprised of the College students only that is provided prior to August orientation. All students are also expected to participate in the College´s  wide range of extracurricular program activities.

DIP 777 is offered each fall and normally includes the entire new entering class. The course is team taught by the College core faculty. This class is designed to ensure a standard level of knowledge about diplomacy and international commerce, both substance and skills. In addition to a basic exploration of diplomatic history and practice, it reviews major economic and international relations theory. On the practical side, the course concentrates on developing students' professional writing and public speaking skills, building a solid foundation for further Patterson School work.


+DIP 600A Comparative Foreign Policy
+DIP 600B European Security
+DIP 600C International Ethics Practicum
+DIP 600D Mediation and Conflict Resolution
+DIP 600E Russian Foreign and Security Policy
+DIP 600F East Asian Security
+DIP 600G (PS 737) Transnational Organizations and Processes
+DIP 700 Dynamics of Diplomacy
+DIP 712 Weak States and International Security
+DIP 715 Democracy and International Affairs
+DIP 716 International Trade Policy and Practice
+DIP 720 Economic Statecraft
+DIP 725 Geopolitical Modeling
+DIP 726 Introduction to Intelligence
+DIP 727 Analytical Methods for Intelligence Analysis
+DIP 730 Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Bargaining

+DIP 734 Africa Development Challenges

+DIP 735 Energy Security

+DIP 740 Globalization

+DIP 742 National Security Policy

+DIP 748 Master's Thesis Research

+DIP 750 Defense Statecraft

+DIP 755 Politics and Diplomacy of the Middle East and South Asia

+DIP 756 Diplomacy of Nuclear Weapons

+DIP 768 Residence Credit for the Master's Degree
+DIP 777 Research Problems in International Relations

+DIP 780 International Science and Technology Policy

+DIP 795 Special Problems in Diplomacy and International Commerce

Agricultural Economics

+AEC 510 International Trade and Agricultural Marketing
+AEC 532 Agricultural and Food Policy
+AEC 545 Resource and Environmental Economics

+AEC 610 International Trade Agricultural Production


+ANT 432 Anthropology of Eastern Europe and Russia

+ANT 637 Sociocultural Dimensions of Economic Development
+ANT 646 Global Health, People, Institutions, and Change
+ANT 731 Seminar in Social and Political Dynamics

+ANT 774 Food and Food Security in a Changing World


+CJT 619 Professional Seminar in International/Intercultural Communication
+CJT 719 Seminar in International/Intercultural Communications


+ECO 465G Comparative Economic Systems
+ECO 471G International Trade

+ECO 473G Economic Development

+ECO 499 Seminar: Economics of Africa

+ECO 590 Introduction to Quantitative Economics

+ECO 652 Public Policy Economics

+ECO 672 World Trade and Commercial Policy

+ECO 692 Econometric for Policy Analysts

+ECO 674 Agriculture and Economic Development


+FR 011 French Reading for Graduate Students


+GEO 542 Political Geography

+GEO 712 Development Studies and Geography
+GEO 713 Economic Geography
+GEO 714 Political Geography


+GER 011 German Reading for Graduate Students


+HIS 535 Russia in the 20th Century
+HIS 541 History of Modern France since 1815
+HIS 542 German History, 1789-1918
+HIS 543 German History since 1918
+HIS 549 History of the Middle East
+HIS 550 Studies in Mid-East History and Politics
+HIS 551 Foreign Policies of Middle-East States
+HIS 555 British History since 1901

+HIS 562 Modern Mexico
+HIS 564 History of Brazil
+HIS 574 The Diplomacy and Foreign Policy of the United States to 1919
+HIS 575 The Diplomacy and Foreign Policy of the United States since 1919
+HIS 593 East Asian History since World War II


+LAW 900 Experimental Course: International Human Rights
+LAW 923 International Environmental Law
+LAW 924 International Trade Law
+LAW 925 International Law


+MGT 608 Comparative International Management
+MGT 610 Global Management

Political Science

+PS 427G East European Politics
+PS 428G Latin American Government and Politics
+PS 429G Government and Politics in Russia and the Post-Soviet States
+PS 430G The Conduct of American Foreign Relations
+PS 433G Politics of International Economic Relations
+PS 437G The Dynamics of International Law
+PS 439G Special Topics in International Problems
+PS 474G Political Psychology
+PS 475G Politics and the Mass Media
+PS 538 Conflict and Cooperation in Latin American Relations
+PS 620 Comparative Politics: Theory and Method
+PS 674 Theories of International Politics
+PS 711 Topical Seminar in Political Science
+PS 731 Comparative Foreign Policy
+PS 733 International Political Economy
+PS 735 Democracy and International Affairs
+PS 737 Transnational Organizations and Processes

Public Administration

+PA 604 Ethics in Public Administration
+PA 622 Public Program Evaluation
+PA 651 The Policy Process
+PA 661 Financial Management of Non-Profit Organizations
+PA 795 Policymaking in an International Context
+PA 795 Policy Analysis and Political Economy in an International Context

Public Health

+CPH 601 Environmental Health
+CPH 604 Public Health and Disease Prevention
+CPH 605 Epidemiology
+CPH 612 Infectious/Emerging Diseases Epidemiology
+CPH 645 Food Systems, Malnutrition, and Public Health
+CPH 662 Public Health Response to Terrorism and Disasters
+CPH 709 Global Public Health Internship
+CPH 751 Introduction to Global Public Health


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