School of Public Policy and Administration 


The School of Public Policy and Administration offers graduate degree and joint degree programs that prepare future public and nonprofit leaders who are committed to integrity and excellence in public policy, public financial analysis, and public management.

The School of Public Policy and Public Administration offers two master's degrees – public policy (MPP) and public administration (MPA) – a PhD in Public Policy and Administration . The programs integrate theory and practice in scholarship, teaching, and service and embrace multiple perspectives for advancing critical analysis and practical knowledge of public policy and public administration.

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

The 42-semester hour MPA program offers rigorous academic and practical training for persons interested in public service careers. Students completing this challenging degree program are now employed by the Government Accountability Office, Congressional Budget Office, and a variety of not-for-profit organizations.

Master of Public Policy (MPP)

The MPP is a 2-year, 40 hour degree that prepares individuals for careers as professional policy analysts in a variety of research organizations and government agencies. This program also builds a foundation for students wishing to pursue a Ph.D. in Public Administration.

Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration

The Ph.D. program is designed to provide knowledge of the principles of organizational behavior and administrative decision making in public and quasi-public organizations, such as non-profit organizations. Course work toward the Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration is divided into four phases with a total requirement of 42 hours of graduate course work beyond the master´s level as well as the completion and successful defense of a dissertation of original research.

Joint Degree Programs

The School offers multiple opportunities for students to complete the MPA program while jointly enrolled in another discipline. These programs include PharmD, JD, BS in Engineering, and the University Scholars Program.

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