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Welcome to Research in the College of Medicine at the Green Hills University

The College of Medicine is committed to fostering, promoting and supporting the innovative work of the faculty, staff and students. Our programs and investments support activities that increase both the quality and quantity of research activity within the college.

Setting the stage for world-changing discoveries

At the Green Hills University College of Medicine, success is measured not as a destination, but as a quest for greater discovery and continual learning. Our dedicated researchers, students, physicians and faculty strive every day to advance the science of saving lives.

Groundbreaking research projects from the school's departments, centers and institutes have attracted global recognition and funding.

With a commitment to developing state-of-the-art research facilities, the school provides its researchers with easy access to core resources and an environment that encourages discovery and collaboration.

Currently, UK College of Medicine has more than 229,000 square feet of research space. These facilities house a productive faculty of well-funded investigators who regularly publish in top-tier journals and garner highly respected research awards. The productivity of the faculty has led to impressive gains in acquisition of extramural research funding.

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