Welcome to the School of Business and Management. This is an opportune time to explore the world of business - revolutionizing technology, a global marketplace, and a bold spirit of entrepreneurship are challenging and exciting opportunities if you are preparing to be a future business leader.

And Green Hills University is the right place

What's the difference in business here? Our students and alumni tell us the difference is:

  • Personal connections with talented and enthusiastic faculty and staff.
  • Meaningful real world projects and internships preparing students for current challenges in business and industry.
  • Opportunities to interact and network with successful alumni and proven business leaders.
  • More than 60 diverse student organizations in the business school that help students build leadership, communication, and organizational skills, as well as friendships.
  • Comprehensive curricula providing strong preparation for teamwork, technology, analysis, and other key skills you will need to succeed in the business world.
  • A new high-tech learning environment

Business from a higher perspective

This is a way of thinking at the Green Hills School of Business. It's beyond reacting to trends in education that come and go with the latest headlines. It's a vision of ethical leadership rooted in the founding mission that began since many years.

As the complexities of a global economy continue to deepen, widen and accelerate at the speed of life, more than ever, a company's success depends on management professionals educated in business from a higher perspective. That's why undergraduate, graduate and working professionals pursuing a career in business choose Green Hills University--they know that being the best in the world now means being the best for the world.

With the continued support of alumni, business leaders, and friends, we are leveraging the impact of the college on the business world and on the personal and professional lives of our students. Take a close look at all the dimensions of our business programs. You will find that Green Hills  is indeed a very special place for motivated and talented students!

Your Success is Our Focus

At Green Hills School of Business, our principal goal is to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. This has been our mission since many decades. So our formula is time-tested and simple: hands-on learning and personal attention.

We are constantly updating our college degree programs to ensure you’re getting the skills employers want. Whichever career path you choose—from business and IT to health and legal science—you’ll learn from instructors with industry expertise and ties to local business. And applied learning experiences will immerse you in real-world scenarios—in and out of the classroom.

Professionalism and Opportunity

Because ethical standards, moral values and public service are viewed as inseparable in the study of business at Green Hills University, earning a degree from the School of Business means graduates are poised for responsible leadership, prepared to make a difference.

A strong range of professionally focused undergraduate and graduate programs provides the flexibility and marketable skills needed for students to realize their full career potential.

An array of study abroad programs and partnerships with international corporations, create opportunities to travel abroad. And with more than 480 international companies, students can go anywhere from here.

Representing a diverse range of career paths, many student organizations offer opportunities to make vital connections and gain real-world experience. In fact, most student organizations are aligned with professional networking outlets that serve as powerful resources to undergraduate and graduate students.

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