School of Public Policy and Administration


The School of Public Policy and Administration (SPPA) has been a centre of policy research and academic excellence for more several decades. Public Policy and Administration offers interdisciplinary programs designed to equip graduates with conceptual, analytic, and problem-solving skills and experiences enabling them to deal with public sector policy and administrative issues, problems, and opportunities. The SPPA programs differ from other similar programs in that they focus on local as well as international levels of government.

The School of Public Policy and Administration is a focal point for public affairs education, research, and public service at the Green Hills University.

Building on a rich tradition of education for public service Green Hills offers a superior education for students wishing to pursue public affairs-oriented academic programs.

To broaden your perspective of public service, consider the School of Public Policy and Administration, which prepares its graduates to succeed in government, private, or nonprofit organizations. Our programs are developed by leaders in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to give you the practical skills and knowledge required to create and implement solutions that address community challenges.

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